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Awaken. Transform. Transcend.


As Seen In


Cultivate Awareness


Breathwork & Meditation

No bullshit, no dogma— modern training for the mind, body, and spirit.

The Wildfire Initiative is a playground for transformation. It's an open experiment in individual + collective consciousness, where we have the opportunity to learn time-tested tools and techniques for dramatically improving our quality of life. This is where we play. This is where we meet. This is where we learn to ignite the fire within— burning up all that limits us— and destroying who we are to discover what we could be. 

This is cutting edge presence training to usher in a new era of awareness and to manifest the great reality. Together, we open ourselves to the unknown, and we welcome the magic that's been hidden all around us.

This is being. This is becoming. This is Life— on fire.


Combat Chronicity.


Mindful Eating Principles.

Learn to apply awareness to your food and create your own principles for fighting inflammation, building your metabolic flexibility, and becoming versed in prioritizing for your goals to thrive in any environment without stressing over available options. 


Spark The Fire Within.

In five weeks of guided practice with video courses and a follow-along ebook, develop your self awareness, spark your inner flame of vitality, and gain the power that comes from being less reactive and not letting your emotions control you in the moment.